Value Added Services

Value Added Services for Components & Accessories like PCBA, Cable and Packaging in Shenzhen, China

— Value added services are certain manufacturing services that go above and beyond the core technologies that GEMS Company already offers to clients for components or accessories, such as PCBA, Cable, Package and etc. Despite their differences in manufacturing process, these supplemental services could help clients customize their particular and changing market needs through collaboration with only one contract manufacturer, which will increase efficiency, capacities and help customers remain competitive in their marketplaces. We help our customers transform their concept design with innovative strategies aligned to the specific needs of their industry and unique functionality requirements.

Our well extended value added services are the result of our profound experience and expertise in core technologies that may be helpful in channelizing productive outcomes. GEMS-MFG comprises a comprehensive team of Consultants and Experts specializing in component manufacturing and finished assemblies. Technology has advanced with time, which is clearly reflected in our changing methodologies and expanded services. GEMS accepts engineering & manufacturing challenges that, anything can create good values to our customers, are deserved us to devote ourselves to make it happen. Clients just need to share their demands, and our engineering team will develop solution for shared demands and provide excellent manufacturing solutions.

Electronic PCBA and Cable Assembly have witnessed the effect of these value added services to the most, as such technology forms the base of the products’ functionality. Flowing with the wave, GEMS has steadily grown and partnered with our verified sub-contractors to provide the listing value added services that have enabled clients to grow efficiently with simple & easy supply chain management. Even it doesn’t fall in our core business scope, we believe in observing, analyzing, preparing and executing our integrated factory resources to make it workable to fulfill clients’ demands.

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