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Plastic and Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Factory in Shenzhen, China

— With decades of experience in injection molding, we can see the opportunities and risks in every project from a very early stage. By partnering with GEMS at the beginning of your project, you not only get design support from skilled engineers and designers, but you also get insight from a supply and manufacturing perspective. Our experienced tooling, process, quality and resin engineers work concurrently using a scientific molding approach to develop cost effective, highly reliable manufacturing solutions for customers across a broad range of industries. Application of scientific molding combined with strategic partnerships with U.S. and Asian toolmakers enables delivery of cost-effective, very high quality plastic manufacturing solutions.

At GEMS-MFG, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve diverse industries. Our expertise spans across sectors such as automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, and many more. From intricate components for medical devices to durable and reliable automotive parts, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional products that meet the stringent standards of each industry. We understand the importance of delivering products that not only meet quality standards but also offer competitive pricing.

In a competitive world market, the way to stay ahead of the competition is to do it better for less. GEMS just do that. Our experience, dedicated staff and trained personnel work as a team to provide excellent quality, service and delivery at reduced costs. Our lean principles and business model opens doors to add more values to new business and customers.

Our Advantages of Plastic, LSR & HCR Injection Molding Services in China

Scalability And Repeatability

The same shape of parts can be produced in the thousands to millions through injection molding process from the master mold tooling. Speed, accuracy and minimal wastage all help injection molding to offer a cost-effective method of mass producing plastic and silicone parts.

Accuracy and Functionality

Not only is the repeatability of manufactured product or part, but it may also be consistently produced to a tight tolerance. A variety of features, including complicated shapes that are impossible to produce by other materials or methods, can be designed into the injection moulded components.

Material Diversity And Options

When it comes to material choices and considerations, injection molding is the most versatile manufacturing technology. For example, fillers and composite materials can be added to the liquid resin to increase the tensile strength of injection-molded parts.

Surface Finish

With different injection mould processes coupled with specific tooling, a wide spectrum of surface finishes can be achieved, from high gloss to textured surfaces to simulated natural fibers. Find more details in our Capabilities – Surface Finish

Cost And Weight Efficiency

Tooling is the most expensive element of making high-volume parts. Once the mold built, the actual production parts can be a fraction of the cost to produce versus other options. The weight of the part itself compared to traditional metal parts can also offer cost savings from functionality to lower logistic costs.

Built-To-Order Fulfilment

Considering the difference of customer’s market demand, we arrange injection molding production with built-to-order basis, including the small quantity for mold trial or pilot batch. Our wide range of  manufacturing facilities are perfect for both low and mass volume production runs.

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    Custom Plastic and Rubber Injection Molding China @GEMS-MFG

    Plastic Materials, Elastomers and Silicone Rubbers are the three primary categories that our injection molding material selections fall under. When these materials are used in the injection molding process, their raw form is usually small pellets or a fine powder. Also, colorants may be added in the process to control the color of the final part.

    The selection of a material for creating injection molded parts is not solely based upon the desired characteristics of the final part. While each material has different properties that will affect the strength and function of the final part, these properties also dictate the parameters used in processing these materials. Each material requires a different set of processing parameters in the injection molding process, including the injection temperature, injection pressure, mold temperature, ejection temperature, and cycle time.

    Characteristics Of Injection Molding Services

    • Ability to produce complex part design
    • Multiple types of plastics with good strength
    • Great dimensional accuracy and consistency
    • High productivity with automatic operation
    • Excellent surface finish and color control
    • Large volume production with quick turnaround
    • Little need of secondary processing after molding
    • Competitive cost due to low scrap rates
    • Minimize the material waste

    Exploring the World of Injection Molding for Plastic LSR MIM Production

    Why GEMS MFG?

    Integrated Factory Resources

    We are your one-stop manufacturing solution provider for customized products with the joint effort & support from our 120 partnership subcontractors mainly for the production of metals & plastics. We can expand much faster but the top management decide to keep GEMS a compact, dedicated and professional company, which allows our team to really focus and deliver on your projects without any excuse or compromise. We strive to be a long-term, reliable and trustworthy partner of our customers rather than just being a contractor, and look forward to growing the company with customers’ success.

    Manufacturing Veteran Team

    With the passing years, we are proud to build up a manufacturing veteran team with rich experience and full expertise to fulfill your specific demand. From mold making, injection molding, die casting, stamping and sheet metal, to 2nd processes like CNC machining, oil spraying, powder coating and chrome plating, and then assembling and packaging and related, we always have someone in house to be an expert to resolve the issues in different stages of product development. We also specialize in providing charger, cable and hub, plus other electronic accessories that support a complete set of product.

    Strong Project Management

    “Think global, execute local” is the principle of our work. Time, quality and cost are the three key elements to be considered throughout the product development from concept design to mass production. A detailed plan with weekly conference call update is a critical gateway to ensure these three key elements are successfully implemented, also assuring that all parties are on the same page. Communication is the Secret to Success . Everyone works independently to take care his own job, but together we are a team to get things done and are your daily eyes and ears onsite in China.

    Flexible Operation & Customization

    We offer a wide variety of products, such as mold, component and assembly product, and certain value-added services. For logo or branding product, we have in house resources to complete a color mix that can perfectly match a brand’s unique colors in fast and cost-effective way. Understood the client needs production parts but having a hard time to find a vendor since the order quantity is as low as 1000 or lower. GEMS is well set up for low volume injection molding or die casting projects. Surely our team is also capable of building SPI Class 101 mold that is designed & made for 1 million cycles or more of producing the same high quality parts consistently.

    Industries We Serve

    With our integrated experience and expertise, GEMS-MFG has given amazing bespoke plastic injection molding services to our customers. We have the skills and equipments to complete your next injection molding project from concept design to finished product. The GEMS team has extensive knowledge with injection molding using Plastic and Elastomers materials, as well as Silicone Rubbers and other material that fall under our Contract Manufacturing Service. We’ve produced injection molded parts for a wide range of industries and applications and can help analyze and determine which material and process is a smart choice for your project. Industries that have benefited from our injection molding services include consumer, healthcare, automotive, and medical and etc. Whether injection molding is needed to support customers from developmental prototypes through scaled production, our injection molding service provides the perfect solution for your next project. 

    Injection Molding Capabilities

    Plastic injection molding

    Single-component molding

    Multi-component molding

    Insert molding / Over molding

    2K molding / Two shots molding

    Multi-color molding

    Clean room molding

    TPU and TPE Molding

    Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding

    High consistency rubber (HCR) molding

      Commonly Used Resins In Injection Molding @GEMS-MFG

      A comparison of some commonly used resins in our Injection Molding is shown below.

      Material name Abbreviation Description Applications
      Acetal POM Strong, rigid, excellent fatigue resistance, excellent creep resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, naturally opaque white, low/medium cost Bearings, cams, gears, handles, plumbing components, rollers, rotors, slide guides, valves
      Acrylic PMMA Rigid, brittle, scratch resistant, transparent, optical clarity, low/medium cost Display stands, knobs, lenses, light housings, panels, reflectors, signs, shelves, trays
      Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS Strong, flexible, low mold shrinkage (tight tolerances), chemical resistance, electroplating capability, naturally opaque, low/medium cost Automotive (consoles, panels, trim, vents), boxes, gauges, housings, inhalors, toys
      Polyamide 6 (Nylon) PA6 High strength, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, low creep, low friction, almost opaque/white, medium/high cost Bearings, bushings, gears, rollers, wheels
      Polyamide 6/6 (Nylon) PA6/6 High strength, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, low creep, low friction, almost opaque/white, medium/high cost Handles, levers, small housings, zip ties
      Polycarbonate PC Very tough, temperature resistance, dimensional stability, transparent, high cost Automotive (panels, lenses, consoles), bottles, containers, housings, light covers, reflectors, safety helmets and shields
      Polyester – Thermoplastic PBT, PET Rigid, heat resistance, chemical resistance, medium/high cost Automotive (filters, handles, pumps), bearings, cams, electrical components (connectors, sensors), gears, housings, rollers, switches, valves
      Polyether Sulphone PES Tough, very high chemical resistance, clear, very high cost Valves
      Polyethylene – Low Density LDPE Lightweight, tough and flexible, excellent chemical resistance, natural waxy appearance, low cost Kitchenware, housings, covers, and containers
      Polyethylene – High Density HDPE Tough and stiff, excellent chemical resistance, natural waxy appearance, low cost Chair seats, housings, covers, and containers
      Polyphenylene Oxide PPO Tough, heat resistance, flame resistance, dimensional stability, low water absorption, electroplating capability, high cost Automotive (housings, panels), electrical components, housings, plumbing components
      Polyphenylene Sulphide PPS Very high strength, heat resistance, brown, very high cost Bearings, covers, fuel system components, guides, switches, and shields 
      Polypropylene PP Lightweight, heat resistance, high chemical resistance, scratch resistance, natural waxy appearance, tough and stiff, low cost. Automotive (bumpers, covers, trim), bottles, caps, crates, handles, housings
      Polystyrene – General purpose GPPS Brittle, transparent, low cost Cosmetics packaging, pens
      Polystyrene – High impact HIPS Impact strength, rigidity, toughness, dimensional stability, naturally translucent, low cost Electronic housings, food containers, toys
      Polyvinyl Chloride – Plasticised PVC Tough, flexible, flame resistance, transparent or opaque, low cost Electrical insulation, housewares, medical tubing, shoe soles, toys
      Thermoplastic Elastomer/Rubber TPE/R Tough, flexible, high cost Bushings, electrical components, seals, washers

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