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The purpose of managing this company GEMS Manufacturing Ltd (short for GEMS-MFG) is to improve the overall customer experience by simplifying the supply chain management. Clients can easily find all their manufacturing needs in one place through our integrated manufacturing solutions for custom Metal, Plastic & Silicone Part and Assemblies. GEMS-MFG accepts engineering & manufacturing challenges that, anything can create good values to our customers, are deserved us to devote ourselves to make it happen.

It’s no secret that we’re not the only One-stop Contract Manufacturing Provider in China with in-house manufacturing facilities and outsourced supports, and nor do we pretend to be. However, we are the only Manufacturer and Problem Resolver with ultimate solid factory experience, comprehensive expertise and unique approach to Metals, Plastics & Silicones Part Manufacturing Solutions and Finished Assembly Integration Services. Not to mention the strong partnerships we hold with our clients and partners, as well as onsite and offshore support for upgraded customer service.

At GEMS-MFG we understand the importance of cost down manufacturing with flexible solutions. Under strong project management we work hard & work smart to ensure that we are saving our customers as much money as possible while keeping their manufacturing quality to the product specification. We help streamline our customers’ supply base with our extensive array of manufacturing partners and in house veteran support team.

Our experienced team is capable of providing competitive solution for products ranging from rapid prototype samples to production mold kicked off, and to the full assembly of injection molded plastics and silicones, die casted and sheet formed metals, together with connection cable and accessories. With our unmatched technology capabilities, large production capacities and extensive secondary finishing operations, GEMS-MFG has proudly manufactured thousands of fully finished components and assemblies for our customers up to date – good quality, fair cost and on time delivery for their application.

Join us with the industry’s best network of manufacturing talents, tools and facilities. GEMS Manufacturing seek to better serve customers and create global scale across our contract manufacturing service offering partnerships that fit our competitive advantages. Currently we partner with 120 verified trustworthy China factories to support our contract manufacturing projects from design to delivery. You are deserved to have more important free time to dream the FUTURE when we are empowering your previous IDEAS into reality. We have served a variety of industries, such as automotive, medical, consumer, healthcare, retail, electronics and packaging.

We’re passionate, team-oriented and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. GEMS-MFG team find inspiration ways in resolving your toughest product challenges, and we nurture a culture that drives above excellence & expectation in everything we do.

GEMS is to be a trustworthy manufacturing solution provider in a platform environment that promotes customer success, company sustainability, employee growth and a recognized responsibility to the parties around us.

Think Global, Execute Local

Believe in the giant potential of our continuous small improvements.

We Love Manufacturing. We Are Proud of What We Manufacture.

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If you’re forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about product innovation and motivated to exceed the customer’s expectations, you may find yourself a career at GEMS Manufacturing. It can be work experience with a challenging role, but surely it will inspire your life.

Please send your resume to Email: hr@gems-mfg.com.

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From concept design to finished product delivery, GEMS commits to providing technical assistance, troubleshooting and on-site service for any China basis project falling into our contract manufacturing service, whether GEMS is the first one to built it or not.

You can reach a customer service representative by calling, sending us an email, or submitting the form below. Our team is looking forwards to working with you.


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