End-to-End Partnership Solutions

Whether you are looking to introduce new products to the market, upgrade legacy products, achieve cost requirements, or meet regulatory requirements, GEMS is ready. Our network of manufacturing facilities is strategically located, allowing us to develop intimate relationships with our customers and work closely with you to solve complex challenges. We have an extensive suite of integrated manufacturing capabilities, allowing for full system integration of complex assemblies and modules. We also leverage our supply chain to manage materials and components, bringing products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Every customer has specialized manufacturing needs. We have facilities in each major manufacturing region with appropriate industry-specific quality certifications and a team experienced in complete end-to-end partnership solutions and lifecycle support. We design customer solutions to solve your complex engineering and manufacturing challenges. Our commitment to our client‘s success has seen us evolve into a Metals, Plastics and Electronics Manufacturing Solutions & Electro-mechanical Assemblies Integration Services provider. From design to prototyping, mass production and field service we support our clients through the complete lifecycle. When you partner with us, we assemble a custom solutions team of experts for you, drawing from our technology, engineering, and manufacturing business units. Through this integrated process, you receive best-in-class expertise in multiple technologies from one flexible supplier.

A broad range of capabilities

In a competitive world market, the way to stay ahead of the competition is to do it better for less. GEMS Manufacturing does just that.  Our experience, dedicated staff and trained personnel work as a team to provide excellent quality, service and delivery at reduced costs.  Our lean principles and business model opens doors to add new business and customers. We are competitive in the world market in high volume metal plastic and electronic parts’ production.

GEMS have a wide range of capabilities to meet the need of our customers with timely deliveries. We have the ability to turnaround small production runs as well as large runs expeditiously . Proudly offering a fast turnaround in our quoting cell and very lean lead times. Our team comes from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, boasting an array of skills; from concept and graphic design, to manufacturing processes and product assembly, as well as global shipments. These skills all contribute towards a broad range of capabilities within factory production and management, allowing us to maintain technical visuals and excellent performances for all sorts of projects. Choosing us to manufacture your product means you are getting a true partner. We work as an extension of your own team and we treat your product like it’s our product.


Integrated Factory Resources

We are your one-stop manufacturing solution provider for customized products with the joint effort & support from our 120 partnership subcontractors mainly for the production of metals & plastics. We can expand much faster but the top management decide to keep GEMS a compact, dedicated and professional company, which allows our team to really focus and deliver on your projects without any excuse or compromise. We strive to be a long-term, reliable and trustworthy partner of our customers rather than just being a contractor, and look forward to growing the company with customers’ success.

Manufacturing Veteran Team

With the passing years, we are proud to build up a manufacturing veteran team with rich experience and full expertise to fulfill your specific demand. From mold making, injection molding, die casting, stamping and sheet metal, to 2nd processes like CNC machining, oil spraying, powder coating and chrome plating, and then assembling and packaging and related, we always have someone in house to be an expert to resolve the issues in different stages of product development. We also specialize in providing charger, cable and hub, plus other electronic accessories that support a complete set of product.

Strong Project Management

“Think global, act local” is the principle of our work. Time, quality and cost are the three key elements to be considered throughout the product development from concept design to mass production. A detailed plan with weekly conference call update is a critical gateway to ensure these three key elements are successfully implemented, also assuring that all parties are on the same page. Communication is the Secret to Success . Everyone works independently to take care his own job, but together we are a team to get things done and are your daily eyes and ears onsite in China.

Flexible Operation & Customization

We offer a wide variety of products, such as mold, component and assembly product, and certain value-added services. For logo or branding product, we have in house resources to complete a color mix that can perfectly match a brand’s unique colors in fast and cost-effective way. Understood the client needs production parts but having a hard time to find a vendor since the order quantity is as low as 1000 or lower. GEMS is well set up for low volume injection molding or die casting projects. Surely our team is also capable of building SPI Class 101 mold that is designed & made for 1 million cycles or more of producing the same high quality parts consistently.